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You must play offense and defense during every turn, and danger is always near. The game is fast-paced and can be over in just minutes. Sudden finishes are common!

Each player controls a team of 5 game pieces, and the game flows and changes rapidly. Experienced players have a big advantage over novice players.

Each turn consists of two moves (maximum) and a push. The goal is to push ONE of your opponent's game pieces off the board at either end. You can also win by getting your opponent to give up because they are trapped. In essence, it is a submission fight on a game board.

From the creator of Bubba® the Grappling Dummy comes a strategy game that is a great alternative to chess or checkers.

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Unique, fun, aggressive and always exciting, Push Fight® is also very easy to learn.

A unique aspect of this game is that a player can practice alone (solitaire). Playing by yourself is a great way to learn. Just make your best move each time as you control both teams.

Push Fight® is also a great tournament game. You can start training now for big tournaments in the future. You can expect a timer to be used which will make the games even more intense.

Although Push Fight® is just now being sold to the public, it's actually older than Bubba®. The creator (Bubbamaker) has been playing it with family and friends for almost 20 years.

Push Fight® is a beautifully handcrafted wooden board game. Each game sets up in seconds, and you'll always know what's going on (and whose turn it is) - even if you leave and come back.

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